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Ezensual, much more
than just sex toys

Ezensual will put YOU and your sexuality at the center in a fascinating journey towards the 6 senses

Sexuality is a fundamental component of women and mens psycho-physical well-being and needs to be treated with care. We at Ezensual know this very well and we want to focus this experience exclusively around YOU and your senses. How? Well, letting you explore unknown sensations (for a little while longer!).

How many times have you felt that you don’t know enough about your body and your sexuality? How many times have you wanted to try to explore your body differently without having a clear idea of where to start?

Often you may have thought of resorting to some ‘special funny object’, but you have lost yourself in the vast choice of simply soulless products.

In the search for the right ‘sextoys’ you may come across products like a vibrator, something to “plug” in and control with a remote control, whose ultimate goal was ‘only’ reach the orgasm. And it is completely normal that in such an environment you have found yourself giving up on having a more thrilling sexlife.

It has happened to us many times and this exact concept made us think ‘What more could be done?’.

Achieving pleasure is certainly very important, but for it to be truly rewarding, we at Ezensual think it’s crucial to focus more on the journey. And we want to make this journey through the discovery of the senses: touch, hearing, sight, taste, smell and the “sixth sense”.

Journey through the senses to discover your own body
Going straight to the point is not a bad exception, as long as it remains so: an exception. Despite self-awareness, perception varies according to how attentive and aware you are of what is happening; we think it’s necessary to notice your various sensations.

The historical social context in which we live has contributed considerably to the weakening of the use of the senses, since technology makes the use of them less necessary every day. However, this is not valid when it comes to sexuality where senses are crucial for feeling pleasure as they send signals and emotions by communicating with our brain.

How can we go down this road to make the most of this experience?

We have made available a wide and selected range of products and services that meet your needs. Not only sex toys, but also personal shopping assistance, sexual education issues and learning material that helps YOU to conscientiously discover your sexuality, far from the paradigms imposed by society.

So, let’s start playing with the senses!
Touch. The skin is the erogenous organ par excellence, both in the intimacy of the couple and alone. In the couple it’s certainly the point of fusion with the partner and it’s important to dedicate to this ritual with passion. But not only this. Even in the solitary exploration of ourselves it’s essential to stop and savor the sensations that come from our body.

Hearing. Nothing is more sensual than a warm and enveloping voice. For someone often the desire explodes in feeling the pleasure of the partner. Whether this happens in the comfort of our room, or by telephone from miles away.. Not to mention the seductive power of an intellectually stimulating conversation!

Sight. Over 80% of the information that reaches our brain passes through the eyes. From the seduction phase, to the real moment of intimacy, sight plays a fundamental role. Then, green light to all the love games that pass through our eyes!

Taste. Saliva is rich in testosterone, the male hormone that enhances sexual desire and that is why kissing ignites desire in our brain. Nowadays the foreplay of the kiss is more and more put aside, and this is a shame because it is a fundamental component of intimacy! It is also known that there are many foods that arouse the sexual appetite. Try it yourself!

Smell. Our nose is able to detect the presence of pheromones (substances odorless secreted by particular glands which can stimulate intimate desire) emitted by our body. Have you ever found the smell of a particular person very attractive for any apparent reason? It was olfactory alchemy! There are also many ways to stimulate this sense through the use of stimulating products and fragrances.

The sixth sense. It’s that little voice within us, which sometimes guides us in one direction instead of another and to which we often (mistakenly) don’t listen. We want to invite you to listen to it instead as much as possible! This is a great exercise to discover some sides of your sexuality that you didn’t think you had.

We cannot talk about sexuality without sharing important values
We believe that our great mission must share important values. These values are the basis of our style and commercial choices.

This starts from inclusiveness, which is our cornerstone. We want to speak to everyone by making everyone feel accepted and welcome. Distinctions based on sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation at Ezensual are simply not relevant or tolerated.

We are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations because we want to have the opportunity to make a positive impact as an organization. Our efforts aim to tackle SDG 3: Good health and well-being, SDG 5: Gender equality and SDG 10: Reduced inequalities with also the possibility in the future to embrace other relevant points.

Services built around YOU
All of this is the general vision for Ezensual, and the most important thing is that we want to build it entirely around YOU. So all our choices will be based on your feedback and needs.

To achieve this goal we base our entire business on constant interaction. We want to know about you, your story and we are ready to provide you with 100% personalized support.

For this you are invited to contact us through our website or our social network channels. We believe in the power of sharing and we know that your feedback will make us great.

Learning from you we will be able to provide a great range of content. It’s time to clear the taboo of sex and talk about it in an open and positive way!

Ready to jump with us in a new adventure? We are! And remember, we sense you!

Sextoys that we have for the sensual experience

We are more about the sensual sex life, than we are about “just getting it done”, but we still have some sextoys to better achieve those sexual experiences. Let’ s take a look on those sextoys.

Our sex lives would not be as good as it is with these sextoys here:

Silicone toys are a big part of our selection of sextoys. Silicone toys doesn’t sound very sensual, but they have many advantages, especially when it comes to cleanliness. Use some warm water, some soap and then you can easily clean your sextoys with a soapy washcloth and not ruin the electric functions of the sextoy you are using. Also they are very body-safe materials.

Clitoral stimulation is a very sensual experience, and after you haved warmed up (just take all the time you need), then you are readu for a sexual experience.

Examples sextoys we have for clitoris stimulation are rabbit vibrators and a bullet vibrator. Just adjust the vibration settings, and the imtesity settings will be more suiting for that highly erotic zone that your clitoris is.

For a more internal stimulation of the vagina, or for anal pleasures. we can recommend trying out a G-spot vibrator. A G- Spot vibrator is not just for women, many men find stimulating the prostate a very sensual and sexual pleasure. Internal stimulation is not a question of gender identity, but a question of empowering your life style with the sexual energies that keeps all of us going, and happy.

We hope you will see the shopping experience we have created here is a sensual experience, to make it a sexual experience is up to you.

Let’s head for the bedroom.

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