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Did you know… each persons nipples has hundreds of nerve endings, making them super sensitive to touch. And playing with your nipples can bring you a lot of pleasure. When your nipples are stimulated, they shoot off sparks in the genital sensory cortex. This is the same area of the brain that’s aroused by vaginal or clitoral stimulation. Men and women equally find nipples to be a very ezensual body area. Some women orgasm from nipple play. Try using your tounge and hands, and play with nipple clamps, bullit vibrators and nipple suckers to increase sensations alone or with a partner. Just as nipples are a hot erogenous zone for women, the nipples work the same way for men. Men sometimes can feel even more sensitive not being used to have them stimulated often enough … 


Soft vibrators, nipple clamps, covers, pullers, suckers, breast-tape … and edible candy tassels … What you need is here for the play time you want with your nipples on your own, or with your male or female partner.

Nip at your partner with a smile and enjoy our fun and somewhat alternative products … After dinner nipples? Candy nipple tassels? Lust dust or Chocolate body paint? We promise you will have a laugh!

The nipple is at the very center of your breast, it is connected to the mammary gland where milk is produced. The darker area that is surrounding the nipple is called the Areola.

Female nipples and male nipples differ in their functions, but for both sexes, the nipple is an erogenous zone.

Nipple stimulation just like genital stimulation plays a big part in the sexual pleasure of about 80% of females. Some women feel sexual arousal even with a light touch of their nipple, just like vaginal orgasm, women can also have nipple orgasms.

Nipples can be flat, protruding, or inverted. Whatever nipples you may have it is certain that it is a sensitive nipple. With the Ezensual nipple category, whatever kinds of nipple you have, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy the offers we have. From body fashion, fun and gadgets to all things nipple and nipple clamps and if It’s a pleasure potential you are looking for?  

Female nipples can also start genital stimulation for men and some men prefer nipples to have genital orgasm. When it comes to playing, Ezensual Fun and Gadget is one of a kind. With your imagination, you can do role play and paint your partner with chocolate, or have some nipple tassels or lust dust. 

Some women prefer to use nipple clamps, as it provides them more sexual arousal because of their sensitive nipples. Orgasm from nipple stimulation can be achieved with our Ezensual all things nipple and nipple clamps. It is not just your clitoral orgasm, not just your vaginal orgasm but your whole female orgasm will be triggered by Ezensual. Nipple clamps can give you intense stimulation, use collars with clamps. 

Breast sensitivity is the main focus of our product All things nipple, if you are looking for an extraordinary nipple orgasm, there is only Ezensual who can provide you that. Orgasm from nipple stimulation is guaranteed.

In the BDSM community, part of role playing includes nipple clamps. This is a way to arouse the female nipple of the submissive. This can be painful but it gives extreme pleasure potential to the one receiving this kind of punishment. Nipple clamp introduces sexual pleasure to the dominant and can give them genital stimulation even genital orgasm. With the nipple clamp, the submissive can experience not just clitoral orgasm but vaginal orgasm as well. Overall a burst of pleasure is guaranteed when female orgasm is reached.

Body Fashion is also being introduced to the BDSM community. The kink community is very likely using this kind of fashion at their party. Covering their body with blings, jewelry and just showing the part that can arouse the people in the party. Some people are having sexual arousal by just dressing up with Body Fashion.

A lot of what we see in our culture is suggesting that the only way women can have sexual satisfaction is by stimulating a vaginal orgasm or clitoral orgasm. But that’s not always the case, not by a long shot. a woman can possibly have an orgasm without even touching their genitals or vagina. That’s where erogenous zones of the nipples come in. Nipple suckers provide all sorts of gentle stimulation and intense feelings, especially great for anyone who doesn’t enjoy vibrations.

Female nipples, when played correctly, can set off a woman in a blaze and provide a burst of pleasure throughout their body. Enough stimulation, and you can even reach that nipple orgasm. What is nipple play? How can you get started? and what you can do to really turn up the heat.

What is the sensation of a nipple orgasm?

A lot of women describe a nipple orgasm as something like a pleasure potential and then explodes out of nowhere. As the pleasure increases gently and gradually, the sensations of breast sensitivity expand throughout your entire body. This burst of pleasure comes in waves.

During that time of the month, a nipple orgasm may feel even more intense. During menstruation, hormonal changes can enhance breast sensitivity and tenderness, which can increase arousal.

Nipple orgasms can happen to men as well. Playing with your guy partner’s nipples is an option. Discuss with your male partner what methods arouse them and which ones they’d like to attempt, as well as what makes them feel sexually aroused and what they should avoid. The process is the same, and the key is communication, as well as a spirit of adventure and a broad imagination.

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