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The tongue, lips and genitals are all highly sensitive, because they all have the same type of nerve receptors (also known as Krause’s bulb). Our mouth is multipurpose and we use it to eat, talk, kiss, and to perform oral sex. You might not include food in your sexual escapades, but food is almost always an epiloque, or a prelude, or both, to sex. Phallic foods have been mentioned as being cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, and bananas. The Vulva reminisce of oysters, figs, grapefruit and papaya. Peaches may resemble a plump, tight rump. And tomatoes have been the blamed for the Garden of Eden incident, they were once called love apples. Other foods are rumored to be aphrodisiacs, chocolate, truffles, and oysters to name a few. Many different and Ezensual tastes are available here for you.


Erotic food: After dinner chocolate Willies, Blowjob Mints, Ball Bands and Candy Nipple tassels … the Ezensual list of fun and playful edible products are great to play with and bring a smile.

Delicious edible creams and gloss for oral sex pleasure. Tastes are great and will supplement your playtime down there well. Enhance foreplay and increase your sensitivity.

Mint, banana, raspberry, chocolate, wild cherries, fresh strawberries, coconut, … pleasure all your senses with our palate of flavors for you and your tasteful partners.

Water-based lube in 15 irresistible flavors! JO H2O Flavored Lubricants, deliciously smooth, longer lasting glide … and super long lasting. And of course vegan.

What are your primary taste preferences? We have taste receptors for five different types of flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory. Girls are often better at distinguishing tastes than boys, according to one of the many studies. They are better at recognizing all sweet and sour taste concentrations. The difference isn’t huge, but it’s noticeable. It’s also common knowledge that women have a better sense of taste than men.

The sense of smell, according to the researchers, plays a “uniquely significant role” in sexual drive, and the two are “intimately linked.” 

Couples have sworn for over a long time ago that tantalizing the taste buds, which is one of the five senses, can be just as arousing as a tender touch. Nowadays this effect and sensation is known as aphrodisiac, which means a certain food could actually turn you on. To simply satisfy your cravings or your carnal desires, you can have some samples of these sensuous foods made for seduction.

Women like a more pleasant-tasting mouth more than males do, let’s just say because their sense of taste is more finely tuned, according to Evolutionary Psychology. The effect, though, is more Pavlovian than primal, “If a certain taste reminds you of a successful sexual encounter, it will produce arousal.” (Perhaps this explains why you enjoy her oral flavor.)

It’s typical to have vaginal feelings, swelling, and adequate moisture once completely sexually aroused.

Sex differences in taste function are seen throughout the gustatory system, according to behavioral and neurophysiological studies, and sex hormones can affect taste processing. Sexual desire and arousal are influenced by estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Higher estrogen concentrations in the body encourage vaginal lubrication and improve sexual desire.

Sense of taste, which is closely related to smell, is one of the most important factors on sexual desire. Arousal requires the mediation of thoughts, emotions, and fantasies, which is initiated by taste and smell. Neurotransmitters, which receive impulses from multiple sense organs such as the nose and tongue, have a significant impact on sexual responses and arousal.

The sense of smell is linked to the sense of taste. Smell of chocolate chip cookies, baking of bread, or even baking an apple pie can fill our minds with visions that refer to our favorite foods as they tantalize and mesmerize your taste buds with anticipation. These scents can also capture the imagination or sensations from enjoyable past experiences.

Scent and taste have an undervalued part in sexual attraction, explaining in detail why visual beauty alone isn’t enough to describe how physically beautiful a person is.

Genetic variants may explain differences in taste perception and sensitivity, therefore understanding the extent to which genetic variables influence the development of individual taste preferences and eating patterns is critical for public policy activities addressing nutritional behaviors.

Attraction and preference to a mate are indeed influenced both by the body’s fluidity and fragrance of vaginal secretions. These are complex mixtures inside the flesh which the female partner perceives as well as accepts mostly through odor or flavor.

Taste is among the most important factors in sexual arousal. Arousal requires the mediation of ideas, emotions, and imaginations, which is initiated by taste and smell. A scent might sometimes bring up memories of a thrilling fantasy.

Humans’ libido and sexual development are influenced by social pheromones.

Pheromones are complex mixes emitted by a living thing that can convey information on sex and reproductive status at the same time.

The body generates a variety of fluids, but for some people, those fluids are a sexual knock. Almost any bodily fluid you can think of has the potential to become a source of sexual pleasure, from sperm and perspiration to blood and breast milk.

All that you consume has the ability to influence the way your bodily secretions, such as sexual fluids, smell, and taste.

Dietary changes might help bodily fluids taste and smell better, because you’d have to give up some of your favorite dishes.

Individuals with a better sense of smell and taste, on the other hand, found their sexual activities to be more pleasurable, while women with higher scent and taste sensitivity had more orgasms during sex.

Any meal or substance that arouses the sexual impulse, and boosts pleasure and performance is considered an aphrodisiac. These substances are derived from plants, animals, or minerals and have been the desire of man since time immemorial. This name is taken from Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love.

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